A Story from South Asia: From Darkness to Light

by Mark Overstreet

“And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.” – Genesis 1:31

Mark Overstreet, Christian stories, evangelism storiesIn the midst of election season, economic turmoil, a global refugee crisis, and a world of pain and hurt, sometimes it is hard to see the beauty and glory of God in the world. There’s so much darkness that it’s hard to see the light. As children of light, how can we point people toward the gospel through the beauty of the creative world?

I’m reminded of a recent story I heard from an unreached people group in South Asia. Through our program, we share stories from the word of God through believers among people who have no access to scripture. These believers have a passion to see the light shine, bringing hope into darkness. Here’s the story:

Far away from any community of believers, Thomas* met with a man in his hut. When they talked, he discovered he was a humble man. He invited Thomas in to sit, and when he entered, he discovered the man’s wife was sick.

Thomas asked if he could tell them a story from the word of God. He told the story of creation, and repeated it again. The man asked with a surprise, “Is it real?”

“Yes,” he explained, “it is real—God created man and woman. He created everything in the world, and He is God.” The man asked if Thomas would pray to God for his wife. He prayed and asked if he could visit again soon.

At his invitation, Thomas returned to his hut and shared more stories about God and creation and explained the gospel through the story of Daniel in the lion’s den.

The man was intrigued. When he heard about God protecting Daniel, something began to happen in his heart. They talked for some time, and then the man exclaimed in repentance, “I was in the world of darkness, but now I can see the light!”

Thomas explained to us, “From that day on, he believed in the Lord!” We all rejoice when God does good work!

When we are delivered by the gospel, the light of God shines deep into our lives, giving us a new way to see His beauty revealed in creation. When we meet Jesus, we see the light and all creation reflects that beauty.

From the beginning, everything He made was good—very good. When we look around at the calamity and pain in the world, that truth can be easily forgotten. But if we believe the promises of Jesus from His word, we can see that He has wonderfully revealed his beauty and glory through all creation. Since the fall of humanity into brokenness and shame, however, that splendor has been suppressed by rebellion. We have been blinded from the light.

Every morning, I ask God to give me eyes to see the world, my circumstances, and everything I see through the light of the word. Whether I’m driving to the office or walking down a path to a hut in an unreached village, I want to share that light with people who live in a world of darkness.

When we see the world around us, it can be hard to remember that when God created the world, it was “very good” (Gen 1:31). Will we view the world through His eyes and share that truth with the sick, the lost, and those who walk in darkness? Will we, like Thomas, go and tell the Story to those who have never heard? Will you pray today that you could see His beauty in the light—and share that light with someone today?


*Name changed for security reasons

Mark-OverstreetMark Overstreet (@moverstreet) is executive vice president of T4 Global and serves fourth world cultures in leadership development and community transformation. He consults with global organizations in areas including healthy partnerships, orality, mission, program architecture, strategy, and evaluation. Learn more: http://www.markoverstreet.com