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The Gospel Life blog was created with the intent to spur all of us on towards greater and more effective gospel witness.

What does a life that embodies the gospel look like? We believe a Gospel Life is one that centers on the person and work of Jesus. It is grounded in an authentic relationship and love for Jesus Christ and it is reflected in a selfless, life-giving, outward love for others. A Gospel Life includes numerous characteristics, beliefs, and out-workings, including:

  • It believes in Good News–it points people to the love and sacrifice of Christ, not towards a set of rules and regulations.
  • It reflects a belief that God is Omni (all-present, all-potent)—that He has created everything for our good and his glory.
  • It is Sensory (listening, seeing, being present)—it involves real-life, flesh-and-bone people who love others deeply.
  • It is Person-centric (Christ-focused, person-focused)—it begins with Jesus and transfers to the invaluable worth of each individual.
  • It is believes the gospel is Equitable (for all without prejudice)—it is offered to all, despite personal likes, dislikes, or prejudices.
  • It is grounded in Love (cross-love, unified love, hard love)—it comes from the heart and is sustained by a commitment that we want all people to come to a knowledge and belief in the person of Jesus and His work on the cross.

At the core of a Gospel Life is a commitment to a lifestyle of evangelism—a deep desire to blend our words and deeds into something that is true to our profession of faith and brings together the best of who we are. What does it look like to use our minds, our hearts, our bodies, and our gifts and talents such that others see glimpses of Jesus? We believe that evangelism comes alive when we can see the totality of life as an opportunity to share and live the gospel message.

It is with this hope that Gospel Life was created. It is a resource for those who profess to love Jesus and who desire to deepen their commitment to evangelism and as a result, a more beautiful Gospel Life. Gospel Life is also on YouTube, and we will be launching a weekly podcast in the coming months.

It is sponsored by the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, but in the end it’s a community of people who have a similar love of the gospel and desire to see every person know the love of Jesus.

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