Gospel Life Podcast

Welcome to the Gospel Life Podcast, a resource of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism! We created this short resource to help you start your week thinking about ways to engage those around you with the good news of the gospel.

What does the word ‘evangelism’ stir in you–fear, anxiety, excitement, uncertainty, joy? All of us carry some emotion with us. However, we believe that evangelism isn’t something to be anxious about or something to fear. It’s simply the act of loving on others and asking them questions to understand where they are at with God. (For a great set of questions to begin gospel conversations, click here.)

Research has shown that 79% of unchurched people said that they would engage in a faith conversation if their Christian friends asked. That’s great news! What isn’t so great is that only 30% of Christians have actually shared with an unchurched people how to become a Christian.

Our world is longing for something that will fill their hearts. We are the message-bearers. Our prayer is that this podcast would encourage and equip you to show and share the love of Jesus in new and creative ways. Have an idea for the podcast? Contact us at bgce@wheaton.edu.


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