Sharing God’s Word, One by One

by Evi Rodemann

Four days a week I work in a company which produces aluminum. Nothing fancy, nothing extraordinary. Just me serving in this company for more than 13 years. Day in and day out, I choose to be and bring hope, light, and life.

I stepped out of full-time ministry purposefully to make a difference in my city, among my neighbours, among people I spend time with regularly. I didn’t really have any qualifications for this job since I had studied theology and missions.

This, however, was my new mission field. Simultaneously, I have many exciting projects going on in Europe and around the world, but my real excitement comes when I have an opportunity to be among people who don´t know if God exists, who fear him but don´t love him, and/or who think I am weird for being able to say, “God loves me this I know.”

And what I have learned is that it’s not about the masses; it’s about the one–one life, one person at a time. 

A few weeks ago I organised a conference for the aluminum business, and as a thank you I received a precious aluminum eagle. In my spirit, I felt prompted to hand it over to my boss, blessing him with the eagle. We face challenging circumstances in the production right now, so I prayed this eagle might be of encouragement to him. I quoted Isaiah 40:31: “But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.“ I also mentioned that I am praying that the aluminum production will improve and my boss would experience God´s hand upon his life as he leads through this.

Did he really understand what I meant? I’m not sure, but I knew he was very touched.

A few days later I saw a paper under the eagle. I asked him what it was and he said, “I googled for the verse you had mentioned, printed and cut it, so I would remember it daily.” Wow! Not only would colleagues comment on the eagle, but he would then read the verse to them and mention the story behind it. My boss was blessed and he naturally shared the blessing with others. There was no religion in this. No pretense. He was simply sharing what he had received, and he showed no sign of shame when quoting scripture or referring to God.

It reminded me of many stories of Jesus. Yes, he spoke to masses but he also was there just for the one. There were stories where Jesus encountered the blind man (John 9), Jesus encountered the centurion (Luke 7), Jesus and Nicodemus (John 3), Jesus and Maria Magdalene (Mark 15), Jesus and the adulterous woman (John 4), and many more. Jesus was after each person and wanted to express his care and love for everyone. The world matters to him so much that he gave his life for it.

When Jesus looks at me, he does not see the world, but he sees me.

Here are some lessons to draw from these encounters that Jesus had with individual people:

  • He cares so much that each person matters to him.
  • There is no pain too big and no situation too overwhelming that Jesus would not be able to step into.
  • Jesus could not care less of what people thought about him. He did as he felt led by his Father.
  • Jesus believed that his action would lead people to trusting in him.
  • Jesus used everyday examples to explain the good news to people.

May we in our daily endeavours be encouraged to be and bring encouragement to people around us who need our love and care, who need godly touches, and to whom we can be Jesus´ hand, feet, and mouth.

Let´s together be good news bearers – especially as we now head into Advent 2017!

Questions to ponder:

  1. Who is the one person on your heart you can share a message of hope this Advent?
  1. How naturally do you integrate your faith in the marketplace? When did you last have a chance to do this, and actually did it? 

Evi Rodemann (@erodemann) is part of the Lausanne European steering team and a member of the Lausanne YLGen Development team, living out her passion of reaching young people and developing younger leaders, especially with a focus on Europe. In 2016, she completed her MA on European Mission with Redcliffe College, UK.