Speaking the Story at Christmas Training: VIDEO 1: Introducing the Gospel

Speaking the Story at ChristmasIf you are like most Christ-followers, you struggle with sharing your faith. Woulda, coulda, shoulda’s continually nag at you as you interact with non-Christians and feel as though you fall short in telling them about Jesus. This struggle is particularly evident during the Christmas season, when people are supposedly more open to having conversations about faith.

With the Christmas season nearing, let’s shake off the bonds of fear, uncertainty, and busyness that threaten to sideline us in our gospel witness. Let’s instead sit at the feet of Jesus, our Savior, and remember what He did for us and why we love Him.

And then let’s tell others.

The Billy Graham Center for Evangelism has created Speaking the Story at Christmas to help you begin these faith conversations with friends, family, and neighbors. Each 3-minute training video features an expert who offers encouragement and guidance in a sharing the gospel in a certain context. Please use these videos in any way you see fit, share them with others, dialogue with your small group. We pray each would move you closer to finding your vital role in witnessing of Jesus to those who are near and far from Him.

The video series runs from December 1 – December 24. Learn more about the entire series >>

In this first video of the series, Dr. Rick Richardson explains why we can’t engage people with the gospel unless we have dealt with a more foundational question: the issue of trust.

View the entire series on vimeo >>

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