What Millennials Can Teach Us about Our Faith

by Andrew Palau

Andrew Palau, millennials and faith, unashamed of the gospelI probably sound like a broken record at times. It’s a criticism I take pride in. Whether you hear me speak or read something I have written, you will pick it up quite quickly. My message is consistent: the simple gospel, unchanging and unrelenting. It’s a purposeful repetition.

The reality is that when it comes to the gospel of Christ, methods may change, trends may come and go, but the message never changes. It’s sacred and powerful and transcends generational lines.

No doubt there are lessons to be learned from certain groups of people: unique strengths to emulate, clear weaknesses to avoid, new ways to look at things. But we can never forget that the core message of the gospel never changes. It is what many like to call “the same old thing.”

With that said, there are a few encouraging trends I am seeing in our younger generation that gives me hope for evangelism and the gospel proclaimed.

Many people talk down about Millennials. They share statistics about how fast they are leaving the Church or how hard they are to reach. I don’t disagree, yet as I interact with many Millennials in cities where I am invited to serve, I am blown away by so many young people who are full of passion, commitment, and a drive for truth. Millennials, at least in my own experience, have shown me what uninhibited passion really looks like. Many of them are filled with questions, wonder, awe, and hope.

I see it in the most random of places: heartfelt passion poured out over social media; prayer for a friend, unashamed, in the middle of a mall; uninhibited worship in the midst of a crowd. Where some of us may be afraid to offend or have reservation to step out and share our true feelings on a topic, many Millennials have grown up to unashamedly share their heart with the world. And when Christ lives in that heart, you have a powerful combination.

In many of our festival cities, it is the young people who are unashamed to hit the streets, spread the word, and invite their friends to hear the good news. Just this past year in New York City, we had hundreds of young people leading our street teams as a way to saturate the city and share the message of Jesus Christ. It was inspiring, even convicting at times.

When it comes to the gospel, I pray we all learn to be as passionate as some of the young people around us. I pray we will all be unashamed in our thirst for truth, in our care for the lost, in our love for our friends, and in our commitment to Christ.

andrew-palauAndrew Palau (@andrew_palau) is an evangelist with the Luis Palau Association. He has shared the gospel with millions of people, and at every opportunity he demonstrates his father’s same passion and love for Christ and for evangelism.