What Would You Ask God? | One Question to the Gospel Series

by Raphael Anzenberger

(Editor’s note: With this post, we continue our series One Question to the Gospel. We asked, “What one question has helped you begin a gospel conversation?”)


Raphael Anzenberger, France Evangelisation, what would you ask God?We call it THE question. Others in Europe call it the One Million Euros question. Here it is: “If God were in front of you, what question would you ask him?”

With this simple question, we have surveyed thousands of students around campuses in France, collecting hundreds of questions from folks who would really like the Big Man upstairs to give an answer.

The question that a person poses provides significant clues about his or her questions about the meaning of life. We then ask, “How would you respond to that question?” If his or her question is about science, we ask, “What kind of proof would you want to see before believing?” And so forth.

When we give people the right to ask their questions, we find a bridge to share the gospel. Interestingly enough, most people, even atheists, are willing to ask a question. Very few are skeptical about the possibility of questioning God. Kind of cool.

So, try it and let us know how it works!

Raphael Anzenberger, France EvangelisationRaphael Anzenberger (@RaphAnzenberger) is CEO of France Evangelisation and president of the Francophone Evangelist Forum. He is an evangelist, missiologist, church planter, author, and speaker who seeks to raise a new generation of young evangelists who will bring the message of the cross throughout the Francophone world.

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  1. Thx Raphael! Like you, I have found that a good question is like putting a thermometer into a turkey to find out the temperature on the inside. Thx for the reminder.
    grace & peace,

    ps. At Q Place, we are all about “Q”uestions

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